Press, rinse, repeat

Like I've said so many times:

— This is not about the virus.

— This is about control.

— It's a flu that really doesn't affect anyone.  It's only in the last 30 years that we've brought the life expectancy up to where they are vunerable.  Get over 79 with 2 comorbidities and you'll have a risk.  A small risk.  

— It's a Coronavirus.  It's the flu.  They are overblowing it.  All the stats show that.

— It was manufactured.  Think about that.

— Any virus in the wild (flu/cold) will keep mutating to survive

We are in total, complete lockdown in North America.  The elites are getting rich (Amazon, etc) while the middle class is crushed.

2022 — I predict "Oh there are more varients".  "your old vaccine is only good for 6 months" "your vaccine doesn't work with varients" "Covid-20 is out there — we have to start again".

All this to continue lockdowns for something that for 99.999999% of us is not able to be proved, except by tests that can be randomly answered.

We will be in lockdown forever until Biden and Trudeau hand us over to China.  Then China will come and take all the resources that we have left in the ground as North America pursues an idealogical "green goal" while China burns the world to the ground.  The Illuminati will be paid forever, like the promise of 42 virgins to Martyrs.

2020-2050 — Exterminate everyone who questions.  Mute their social media, jail them, neuter them, remove them.  China is doing this right now...

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Don't destroy Satan!

They are ruining the real Satanism by all this stuff out there in the media now.  True Satanism doesn't believe in God or the Devil, it believes in the individual.  This version Nas X is putting out there is as bad as the church.  Don't worship an idol!!!

Don't put it out there that Satan is a thing — he doesn't exist.  A good Satanist would follow these commandments:

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Inmates have Guard Hostage

**BREAKING  NEWS** Two social workers were dispatched to the prison riot shortly  after guns were seen in the prisoners' possession. Both social workers  immediately responded to the scene in their Toyota Prius vehicles. A  spokesperson for the social workers said that the situation could have  been prevented if the prisoners did not have a student loan payment due  each month. Apparently the  prisoners were still upset that they had to  pay monthly rent payments on the 1st of the month before going to  prison, and they had been suffering PTSD for almost one year after going  to a Starbucks and being told that they did not have any Latte  Macchiato available that day. The FBI warns that the prisoners may be  trying to flee to their homes, however, they were unsure of how many  stops they would have to make to plug their electric cars in for more  power.  Welcome to the future socialism of this country.  -ChairmanXoBiden



Our choices for the Country are made by either Ideology or Prosperity.  Very few decisions going forward are now made for prosperity.  The rich have enough money, and won't really get hurt.  The poor are just on welfare, and won't get hurt.  The middle class will pay by our taxes for all the New Green Deal, cancelling Keystone XL pipelines, and the massive job losses in the oil and gas sector.

Drive up the fantasy stocks on electric cars.  Bankrupt small business and the middle class.  

Antifa doesn't need anarchy — it's here.


Thank you, swarms

Thank you, reddit GME swarms.  So many elites sold to you at $300, $480 when the shares were worth $10.  You hold on to those with your diamond hands as the elite leave you behind.  The hedge funds got slammed but so did you.  You bit off your nose to spite your face.  This wasn't about making money, this was about throwing your life savings and students loans into something that would be worthless.  Good luck with that, eh?  I'm not a sheep so sold at $450.  Now I'm 3028% richer.

The world nowadays is totally idealistic and set to end up in ruin.  This will not end well.



Hoold. This was not about money this is ideology. It’s the same Trump anti elite message to bring down the elite. BUT YOU VOTED IN A PUPPET FOR THE ELITE. We are so screwed.


Oh and by the way

if you work for the feds, and are "working from home", you are:

— jerking off

— online shopping

— napping

We don't need you, you will be laid off.

This is such a scam to destroy middle-class money.  Private businesses are suffering so much.



This is why you’ll never have a house. 3,000,000 of you join a mob to buy the stock of a worthless entity PURELY because you think it will smash hedge funds. Who will buy your stock? The stocks you are buying now are off real investors - like the owners of gamestop. When Braveheart commands the attack after the 1/29 options expiry there is one big problem. GME is worthless, has no growth and YOU were the only ones buying the stock. You can attempt to sell but you never will. In the end the mob of sheep will have handed over their money to the pigs in this Animal Farm. See you on the 30th, reddit.



Antifa are not anti-Trump.  They are spoiled white kids that just like to rob and break stuff.  They don't have educations or jobs, so they tend to have tantrums and burn down the businesses of hard working people.  That will not change with Biden.  Antifa thinks that anyone who works hard is a fascist.  Damn those business owners, they say.

We are run by a nation of babies.

The world keeps labelling (unfairly) the Republicans as racist, violent, etc.  Really?  75 million of us?  You've never seen that, because it's not true.

Judge people by their character — actions, not words.  You'll see who the violent people are that continue to destroy our country.  With Trump gone, we're seeing who the real enemy is.  We can't stop it.  See you in 4 years when we are in chaos and ruin.