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I have been wondering more about the meaning of life lately.

It seems to me like we're living in a big Amway scam, and everything is either shallowly contrived or some sort of conspiracy.

We've gone to Iraq to kick some ass and give them democracy, but it seems to me that:

- Even they hate each other and will forever fight and kill each other in a civil war. Did you see on the news how they STONED a woman to death for dating a man of the wrong religion ("wrong" being wrong in their own country. Shiite vs Sunni?) They're screwed no matter WHAT we do. So I don't really have an opinion. If we stay or leave it doesn't really matter. It's always good to give our military target practice though in the event of a real war.

- By the time I get a real car that can actually go fast, gas will be $200 a gallon and we won't be allowed anything beyond electric cars and mopeds. Someone's making a lot of money there.

Virginia Tech. Ya, it sucked, but given the number of people around it's a pretty small percentage. Sorry, get over it, and don't give aliens guns. One time a kid at our school made a killing list that said how many times he was going to shoot each person. This kid saved it on a school computer, which got his ass nailed. Stuff like this is inevitable, given we're growing towards the size of China.

Movies have been really sucky lately. I haven't heard of or seen a good one in months. I've been mainly watching TV and older DVD's.