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22 years old, waiting to go to trial in December for the full deal in Jan. This is like Inception.

Many times I've looked for my totem. I look down and see it, and it falls. Not good news.

I've gone through enough already, and I'll always be without my Mother. I think it's time to turn the page.

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You have to go to trial again? I thought it was all over for you. Hope it all works out for you, by what I've read of you, you have been through enough. Take care.

Well if and when you decide to have your mother killed means you belong in jail. Pretending your mother is abusive for attention is bad enough. She belongs in prison for much longer time then she got. She can deal with another year or so. Her mother doesn't get that option.

Hello Rachel. Don't be afraid, you will be just fine.

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