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Slow like a hot nail
Hey, Boxxy left, didn't she?

The beginnings will not be easy; they shall be extremely difficult...

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Nothing else to say than thanks for adding me, cutie ^_^ Hope we get along well.

second time is the charm?

day five of the trial... oh you in danger, girl.

Seguramente ya encontraste la paz,,,,era lo que buscabas ? no entendi bien por que estas esperando un juicio y me gustaria entenderlo, saber algo de vos, de tu vida, es dificil hablamos distintos idiomas yo vivo en argentina y solo hablo español, pero, sinceramente me gustaria conocer tu historia

I googled you the other day, wondering what had become of you. Hung jury the first time, sentenced the second. I wonder just how clueless you really were, at 16? And I wonder if you'll come back here, when you're released. You have quite the internet history.

I can't believe this...

I have no words to express your actions... I made my share of shit in life but never commited crimes, or worst of all killing my own kin.
Be happy you have friends after this, charish what you have or you will end in the same pit again...

People are not to be judged by looks, religion, race, sexuality, gender. But by their actions and things they leave behind, let it be knowledge, wealth, land but the worst thing to leave behind is the cold dead bodies of the innocent...

By my own words and quotes i go.
Good day..

I hope you are doing well and things are going your way.

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