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Cold start to the year
Unfortunately, that didn't go so well. They threw out the appeal, so now I'm stuck like a hog in the tar sands.

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How did it feel stripping for a 24 year old man while you were 15. You are seriously sick in the head and so are those men you fondled. The boyfriend always gets the blame when a couple murders the stupid bitch's mom. Maybe in jail you'll find Jesus and repent. Your "Wicca" bullshit won't save you from hell. Guess what I'm doing I'm enjoying my somewhat gruesome yet bittersweet life. I had a horrible life, was sexually assaulted, constantly harassed,my 4th grade teacher was a pedophile and do you fucking see me murdering my mom just cause she doesnt "get me" I am 16 and scored an 990 on my PSAT and I have never committed murder.. I would say you haven't achieved any of that given I am watching your murder episode on ID Channel right now. its pretty comical seeing you cry in your interview. How did it feel posing sexy for your pedophile boyfriend? Your mom did nothing wrong to your white privileged ass and you knew and still know it. All because you wanted to wear "black" and date white freaks.

Do you want to know what really sad? You're alive...your mom is dead, by your hand!

Not by my hand. Would you like to talk about forgiveness?

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