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It's so hot here, for so long. I think the weather sucked back home, but I think it kinda sucks here too.

I think it will take me years to figure out life. I just get the feeling we're all little tiny ants in a large glass bowl. Although I really don't give a shit, I wonder about the war, about the stories about corporations, about us that have to work, and where the real money goes. I am not going to waste my time pursuing or questioning...but in my free time I wonder about the things I can't answer.

I don't think there are any conspiracies out there. I think the world is just the way it is. But I think we do have a class system, it's just kinda like we're meant to think that we're all equal when some are just more equal than others. ^_^

No matter what life I'm shoehorned into I'm still having trouble with my mood. I don't think this is something I can change. Medications work, but I am not sure if they are the best answer. It's like fixing up a shitty car - if you look at it from the outside, although you can make it run it's still a shitty car.

At least it's easy to get bud now and then. That's one of the only things out there that makes me feel good. And my other addiction... ^_^

I miss movie and Halo nights. I need to turn the page.