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The new year
Christmas has been a mess, but not a horrific mess, so that's ok.

It's an emotional time - that's not a good thing. Full of good and bad and a bit of everything. The food was good, I likeded that. Chocolate, turkey, booze (shhh), and little appetizers.

Not much is new in my life. It's like counting to a million on an abacus. I'm doing alright for being at the mid part of my lowly roller coaster.

I watched Sicko (Michael Moore) on DVD today and thought it was as good as his other movies. Thought provoking and well put together. Whether or not it's true doesn't really matter, and I don't think he is pushing it down our throats like a priest. It makes me think though. I wonder if the poor in this country are just fodder for our military and graveyards.

Maybe I'll watch Atonement at theflicks this week.

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"I wonder if the poor in this country are just fodder for our military and graveyards."

I'm thinking more along the lines of Hanlon's Razor...never attribute to malice what can be explained by sheer stupidity.

It's a body elected by popular consensus. Think of school, stuff like class president or prom queen/king...it wasn't necessarily the most qualified who won, but rather, the best marketed and most driven to fill the role. In other words, psychos.

Also, cheer up.

I hadn't heard of Hanlon's before. Occam's...

I'll have to think about that concept.


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