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Old Man Winter
evanescence face
Cold, snowy, blah.

I wonder if the weather has been nicer this year back home...hmmm.

I've been thinking about Iraq in random weekly thoughts for the past 6 months or so. Maybe longer, but nyah, I don't really remember that far back.

"...no civil war has ever been won by an outside force coming in to bring peace to a region..." If we want them to stop infighting, we need them to fix it themselves. We will never perform this task for them. How would you like the French military on OUR soil telling us how to do things?

It'll be hard to see our work disappear, but I really don't think we have a choice. We CAN'T bring peace to the region (can anyone bring peace to the middle east? They're a bunch of race & religious bigots out there - everyone fighting because they think God is behind them. Shi-ite, Sunni, Palestinian, etc...

When we pull out, we're dooming a people and land to perpetual civil war or tyranny, but hey, that's life. Our only other choice is to become the oppressor and dominate the land...and that wouldn't be acceptable to most of us.

It seems that when the soldiers get mad at the Iraqi's for fighting back (revolution?), it's alright to blow them asunder. It becomes personal - "that fucker just shot at me", and like the great hand of God we and our almighty war machines wreak furious vengeance. Vengeance that feels justified.

Terrorism is one thing - but to invade someones land then get annoyed when they shoot back - that's kind of a hypocrisy.

I like our military. I think it should be the best in the world, and should be feared like the little kid in "The Grudge". But let's not invade anyone half-heartedly and pretend we're going to make everyone love us. Why don't we stay off other people's land. Forever. Stop the meddling. Who's next - Iran? Canada? France? Vietnam again?

If it were up to me, I'd a ho. Give me an M4 and I'll fix everything.