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(no subject)
hiding under bed
Life actually isn't too bad right now. Everything is pretty stable and I'm enjoying a few things.

Time to upset the apple cart maybe then.

I haven't been too impressed with my hollywood injection lately. Boring movie rentals, boring television. I think it's a mixture of luck, holidays, and the writer's strike. Where are the movies that make me think! Where is something to stir me!

"We Own the Night" got a valid 54% rating. Kinda slow and just a story. It didn't do anything for me. "Consensus: Bland characters, clichéd dialogue and rickety plotting." is what www.rottentomatoes.com says. Uh huh.

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(Deleted comment)
I enjoyed it for the fact that networks actually resorted to doing more live improvised stuff, like A Daily Show and the sort. It was a good time to experiment and I think that time was blown.

Join GIRLKILLEDMOM community and post your thoughts!

Now that THAT news is over with and cast aside, I think the group is best to delete.

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