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Alice in Wonderland
I would like to learn all the drug symbolism possible in "Alice in Wonderland".

A friend and I were talking about it last week and I could only figure out part of it.

As much of a children's story it is, that thing must be laced with drug references and inspiration.

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Well, mushrooms, for one.

Alright, I'm out.

And the caterpiller smoking the hookah. For two.

(Deleted comment)
Without being able to interview the source, this is a pretty hard one.

I believe that he was tripping out to come out with some of these ideas, but that's just my belief.

More laudanum...

Thanks for your input!

lol pretty hard one.
alice in wonderland is full of drug references and don't tell me it's an accident. disney is famously sinister when it comes to hiding things in children's movies (the split second where grandmother willow's leaves spell out 'sex', the trees aligning for a moment to look like a penis in the lion king, and pretty much every part of the well-hidden Song of the South). they made it as trippy and symbolic as possible just like they turned the story of snow white into an elaborate metaphor for cocaine use by introducing the seven dwarves and naming them after facets of addiction and recovery, snow white being the drug itself.

........Ok seriously...Its dust in the loin king that "spells" sex and really it was a shout out to the sfx team and some one made a "boo boo" and put a line under the f...and alice in wonderland is based off of lewis carrolls books alices adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass both of witch comment in very sly ways about the use of drugs such as cocaine and opium as medicine...stop watching disney movies and read a little sheesh


The rabbit hole
-getting high
-perceiving time differently

The house of doors
-distorted perceptions (things are too big, too small in the wrong place)

The bottle on the table with the key
-The decision to take drugs, half-assed excuses. Asking no questions just doing it without thinking of the consequences

Alice Crying
-A bad trip

The caucus race
- Addiction; running in circles never getting dry (clean)
- The Dodo is the dealer he's on the high ground and never gets wet but directs all the other creatures on what exactly they should be doing.

The Tweedles
-Depression; sneaks up on you, takes you by surprise, hard to escape.

The Walrus and the Carpenter
This one is a little weird
-Obviously the moral is to stay in your oyster bed,curiosity leads to trouble
-Walrus (gluttony greed)
-Carpenter ( anger jealousy envy)
-The oysters are the drug and the walrus ate them all pissing off the carpenter
- They're all strung out and don't know if it's night or day, their head are cabbage yet they're kings and they're so spaced they eat a bunch of kids.
~~ In the disney movie the R turns red and vibrates on the calendar, it hints back to the days before refrigeration the you can only eat seafood on months that have an "R" The months without are too hot and they would spoil too soon.

Lizard with a ladder
-Green lizard named bill (money) disappears forever when the drug dealer handles the "problem"

The Flowers
-Acceptance and rejection

The caterpillar
-besides the hookah and the mushroom he keeps asking her who she is but she can't say for certain. Forgetting exactly who you are is an effect of some drugs. You can still recall for example you are a happy girl with two brothers and you like red shoelaces but names dates and such slip the mind.

The Cheshire Cat

The Teaparty

The Tulgey Wood
A sketch or comedown.

Not to mention Alice's general behavior throughout the movie. Uncontrollable crying, laughing, depression, anger. Obviously mood swings

The Queen of hearts
~ In the disney movie if you watch you can't see all the cards you need for a full deck, hinting that the queen isn't playing with a full deck.

These aren't all of my own mind they are a compilation of ideas from almost everyone I know young and old.

(loudly cheering) whoop whoop huzzah! We have a winner! I like reading all these things into the movie. Lots of mushrooms like the Foo Fighters.

Sorry I forgot to add this.
Alice in wonderland isn't about drugs and nobody who worked on the movie nor Lewis Carroll take drugs or intend any of these assumptions. You can find drug references in anything if you're convinced enough.

I'll go with that. And you've changed what I thought about the story.

Alice in Wonderland

Interesting conversation is going on and I am very happy to be the part of this discussion.

Fx Bx Rx-Sol

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