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I haven't been as crazy about things lately. I don't know if it's spring, or change, or time.

I guess I'm finding peace with life.

There was a time when everything sucked. I was a prisoner - trapped like a winter gopher in the caves I'd built for myself. Life was dark and I think everything reflected that. Things are slow now, but pretty cool. I'm keeping busy for the most part, so while I'm somewhat bored (curse) I stay out of trouble (good).

Life was for me a perpetual search for myself and to save my own sanity by finding ways to feel good.

I have goals right now. Somewhat unattainable...but they're goals.

I am always on a quest for good music. I tend to rarely find it, but instead hop from little islands of entertainment that cause me joy. I love music. I REALLY love music. It stirs my soul, gets me lost, and lets me fantasize. One thing I thought was tongue-in-cheek good was:


Her song was kinda catchy, which is lucky considering she walked into 15 minutes. If I were a record label, I'd publish her one-off record.

I still can't turn away from stuff like Within Temptation.

I was talking with a friend about who was the best Metal band. (real metal - thrash metal) and I don't really have an answer. Here are some thoughts:

Metallica - well, you guys had the potential of a friggin' rocket ship. Then you turned to suck/commercial, and now are appealing like the backstreet boys. Your music all sounds the same, and it's certainly no Master of Puppets.

Megadeth - Dave Mustaine is probably a big pain in the ass. But musically one of the best in the world. There is no "perfect", but if you do straight comparison his beautiful and shredding guitar work, combined with his wry lyrical commentaries make him a leader of pod-people. I love you Dave. United Abominations is great (latest album).

Slayer - Awesome, but not mainstream enough to be "the best". They are the best at being Slayer... Whatever shit anyone says about them is like criticising a shark for not planting flowers. Just let them be Slayer - fast, hard, and evil. Just like good sex.

This led to talk about why we are talking about "the best" bands, and they were all around in the 80's?

I think it's because in those days kids had a LOT of free time (no intern3t, no ipods, no PSP, no "guitar hero") so they could spend 8 hours a day in a band or practicing guitar (Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Glenn Tipton, KK Downing, Jeff Hanneman, Kirk Hammett, etc).

Now what do we do? Walk around text messaging, smoke some dope and play Guitar hero. We've been fucked up for the last 15 years because of internet and easy fun. What are we good at any more?

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Good to see ya post. And what have we become good at you ask? Easy. Guitar Hero, texting, internet use and disconnecting from any real human contact. (face to face)

Just because you haven't heard them yet, doesn't mean their aren't some amazing metal bands just waiting for you to find them. *just saying.

I've heard awesome bands...but there are so many out there I don't know. I'm just saying in general. Shouldn't these 80's bands be GONE?

So, let's find the good bands. With good guitarists. GO! I'll start. Evanescence (with Ben Moody)

Good to see you here!! *hugs*

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