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Photos from Trip
I've been tired. I haven't been myself. I have a lot on my mind, but I either haven't had the time or the inclination to write it down. Inclination = depression?

Oh, and implicit trust breeds corruption.

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Beautiful pictures.

Just wanted to add, that if you need someone to talk to, I am a pretty good listener. It sometimes helps if you talk about the things you are depressed about.


Thanks. But are you around?

Suddenly my state feels so inadequate.

Awesome pictures. So where did you go on this trip?

Where the animal shots hard to get?

No, they were pretty easy. Driving around these areas the animals don't really fear us, so it's just a matter of clicking away...

I can only imagine being a murderer would weigh heavily on ones mind from time to time.

Go ahead. :) Hit me with your best shot.

Re: I can only imagine

I can only imagine being a person with nothing better to do than being a fucktard weighs heavily on your mind.

My mind is light, thank you, but full of sorrow.

Re: I can only imagine

:) I can only imagine that your killing your own mum will affect you a lot longer than my being a "fucktard."

p.s How was your mother's day?

Re: I can only imagine

Ignore that shit. Your good people.

I don't really care who you 'are' (I guess that makes sense??) I just wanted to let you know I love your art. You're very talented.

Thanks Connie... I am pretty astounded at how judgemental people are. Hurray for support!

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