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That was beautiful. Thanks.

I miss the 6,000 comments from your entries a few years back.

I don't! I'm actually like, a normal person now. Attention sucks. Sriously...

(Deleted comment)
As do you, Pez man!

this is awesome. I've never heard such a good version before.

Either have I. I still love it. Ahhh, the deepness of sadness and apothecary nights.

what happened with you???

also have on my mind, what do you thing of that dreaded palin gal???

what drove you to idaho of all places??

There are few people in this world who understand the value of stalking. Hollywooders, and the unfortunates(tm). A few thousand in amongst a few billion?

Going to Idaho and using a different name and look let me start again. The interest was all media-generated, of course, and I was powerless to stop it.

So now I'm free.

Hey, did you knwo that you're listed in TruTVs aticle "The Internet can Kill" and they give you LJ url. Jsut a heads up incase some crazies start leaving you comments and stuff.


That's fucked up. I'm not a killer...*)#&U$)*#UO:KJ:LKJ

wow, I almost forgot I send that link to you. But yeah, Id complain to them if I were you, since that's sorta liek posting your address or phone number.

I guess we're in the land of guilty until the media decides otherwise.

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