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Eye Pod
No wonder we're in a recession. The world has gone crazy, and we've gone crazy with it.

There are a lot of losers in a downturn, and a lot of winners. For some with the comfort and stability of a black suit job the paycheques keep rolling in, but everything gets cheaper. Huh...I never wanted a Pontiac anyway. For the rest, and those in the sales industry, everything takes a kicking. No matter who we want to blame - the insurgents, the government, etc...when it comes down to it it's our own collective idiocy and greed that drives the stake into us.

We're all guilty. You should feel guilty. You should feel shame.

What have our forefathers done, what has our country done so that as we come of age we walk into a world that is not ready to accept us. After years of stripping the beauty from the world, we're left standing in a pool of nostalgia and used hope and expectations that our previous generations have lost for us.

Music is beautiful. Music is my world.

I can't look at the big picture, because the big picture is seeded with people like those who come to me now, blaming me for the ghost in the machine.

I love the little beauties in life. I love living every second at a time. The seconds are joyous. The tenths of seconds are sensual and erotic. The times when the world seems to freeze are the times I wish I would never leave.

I hope you go to bed tonight at some point and appreciate what you have, yearn for little and wake up with the willingness to start over. So many of us (me included) have started over, and are ready to embrace the new way.

Whatever that new way is.

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In a world where the only things that don't cost us money are shitting and sleeping, we need to reevaluate the idea of charging for everything and try and recreate the sense of shared freedom of community that we currently relegate to coffee shops and bookstores.

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Thanks...huzzah for the little victories!

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